Winners of the INNOspace Masters 2018

DLR Space Administration Challenge


Infused Thermal Solutions

Prof Dr Markus Czupalla, Fachhochschule Aachen

2nd Place

Silent Running – Intrinsic Structural Vibration Reduction for Carrier Rockets using Metamaterials

Sara Perfetto, Fraunhofer LBF

3rd Place

SUMSENS – Structure-Borne Ultrasonic Multi-Hop Sensor Network for the Temperature Monitoring of Satellites

Dr Torsten Bartel, Fraunhofer LBF

ESA BIC Start-up Challenge


Nucleus VR – Connecting People and Information worldwide in Real-time

Alexander Bolton, NUCLEUS VR / EAB Engineering SARL

2nd Place

Graphene Interferometric Modulation Displays (GIMOD) for VR/AR

Dr Santiago Jose Cartamil Bueno, AMO GmbH

3rd Place and Overall Winner

Shapecomm – Shaping the Future of SatCom

Fabian Steiner, shapecomm UG

Airbus Challenge


Cloud Computing on the ISS Using Bartolomeo

Simone Briatore, Golbriak Space OÜ

2nd Place

FISHinSPACE – Zebrafish Larvae to Study Vertebrate Physiology in Space

Dr Marc Muller, Université de Liège GIGA-Research

3rd Place

Golden Fleece – In-Space nanometal 2D Printing Demonstration

Mateusz Józefowicz, ABM Space sp. z o.o. CCO

OHB Challenge


Biocontroller Platform Technology for the Improvement of Microbes Applied in Space Mission

Mathijs Martens, OPE Group

2nd Place

Improved Pressure-Volume-Temperature Gauging Method for Electric Propulsion Systems (PVT-GAMERS)

Prof Dr María-Paz, Luleå Universität für Technologie (LTU)

3rd Place

ESKIMO – The Next Generation Kickstage

Andres Luedeke, Levity Space Systems

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