Winners of the INNOspace Masters 2017/2018

DLR Space Administration Challenge


Infused Thermal Solutions

Prof Dr Markus Czupalla, Fachhochschule Aachen

2nd Place

Silent Running – Intrinsic Structural Vibration Reduction for Carrier Rockets using Metamaterials

Sara Perfetto, Fraunhofer LBF

3rd Place

SUMSENS – Structure-Borne Ultrasonic Multi-Hop Sensor Network for the Temperature Monitoring of Satellites

Dr Torsten Bartel, Fraunhofer LBF

ESA BIC Start-up Challenge


Nucleus VR – Connecting People and Information worldwide in Real-time

Alexander Bolton, NUCLEUS VR / EAB Engineering SARL

2nd Place

Graphene Interferometric Modulation Displays (GIMOD) for VR/AR

Dr Santiago Jose Cartamil Bueno, AMO GmbH

3rd Place and Overall Winner

Shapecomm – Shaping the Future of SatCom

Fabian Steiner, shapecomm UG

Airbus Challenge


Cloud Computing on the ISS Using Bartolomeo

Simone Briatore, Golbriak Space OÜ

2nd Place

FISHinSPACE – Zebrafish Larvae to Study Vertebrate Physiology in Space

Dr Marc Muller, Université de Liège GIGA-Research

3rd Place

Golden Fleece – In-Space nanometal 2D Printing Demonstration

Mateusz Józefowicz, ABM Space sp. z o.o. CCO

OHB Challenge


Biocontroller Platform Technology for the Improvement of Microbes Applied in Space Mission

Mathijs Martens, OPE Group

2nd Place

Improved Pressure-Volume-Temperature Gauging Method for Electric Propulsion Systems (PVT-GAMERS)

Prof Dr María-Paz, Luleå Universität für Technologie (LTU)

3rd Place

ESKIMO – The Next Generation Kickstage

Andres Luedeke, Levity Space Systems

INNOspace Masters “Space Moves!”

Competition set to culminate in conference and awards ceremony on 05 June 2018 in Berlin

The winners of the INNOspace Masters competition have been announced at a festive awards ceremony and took place on 05 June 2018 in Berlin alongside a conference devoted to the competition’s theme, “Space Moves!”.

Here you can downoad the pictures.