OHB Challenge

innospacemasters_icon-challenge Challenge

OHB is looking for ideas for the future space sector: from new ideas and concepts to competitive solutions.

The space sector interacts closely with other industry sectors. These technologies and processes could be exploited for greater benefits in the space sector in the future. The new OHB challenge is intended to identify innovative, promising ideas, thus shaping the new framework that will support the realisation and use of space solutions.

We aim for lower costs and faster availability with improved performance.

We expect the unexpected!

innospacemasters_icon-chooseprizeThe Prize

The prize of the OHB Challenge will give the winners all the necessary tools to start bringing their idea further into implementation. OHB Challenge winners can expect:

  • Access to relevant expert knowledge from the OHB Group
  • Cooperation opportunities at a European level through the companies in the OHB Group
  • Possibility of joint technology development programmes
  • Pitch opportunity at OHB Venture Capital
  • Support for marketing your idea at IAC 2018 in Bremen.


Space needs visions. Each idea has its own particular time and requires a certain period in which to reach fruition. And each idea is preceded by a vision. In the absence of imagination, courage and willingness to take risks, progress falters. Having visions means thinking in terms of the future.

OHB Challenge will open the door to those visionaries, who are willing to take risks, to think out of the box, to think across sectors, to be innovative and creative.  The space of tomorrow will look, most likely, very different to the space of today. commercialisation of space, miniaturisation, digitalisation, etc. are only few examples of how space is just starting to take off. The way business is done will certainly change in the next decade, and adaptation and innovation is the only way to continue being a leader in Europe and worldwide.

OHB keeps working to make space technology simpler and cheaper, keeping its performance to the state of the art. Moreover, OHB keep working towards the future, adapting its day to day work towards more efficient and improved solutions.