Airbus Challenge

innospacemasters_icon-challengeThe Challenge

Airbus is looking for enablers and solutions (products & processes, services & business models) related to aerospace (satellites, ISS, incl. airborne and terrestrial platforms) which are suitable to have a lasting influence on our daily lives. We are looking for solutions enabling topics such as:

  • Mobility
  • 5G connectivity and IoT/M2M
  • Microgravity Sciences
  • Material Research
  • New technologies and services


innospacemasters_icon-chooseprize The Prize

The winning idea receives an Airbus support package customised from the following components:

  • Access to Airbus experts
  • Possibility to pitch to Airbus Ventures
  • Possiblity to pitch for the Airbus BizLab accelerator
  • Possibility to pitch for a crowd investing campaign
  • Development of a mission proposal*

*with the aim of a joint application for public funding



“Space Moves!” – all of us!

Space has become so common that today we can no longer imagine what our lives would be like without navigation, communication and Earth observation satellites. With the advent of digitalisation, the importance of space in our daily lives is set to increase further.

Fast, low-cost access to the International Space Station ISS, small satellites and whole constellations of satellites with permanent availability and connectivity have led to a new founders’ scene, which, with private capital, is able to tap extremely quickly into new business models and applications for a dynamically changing market.

Airbus is looking for precisely these innovators, who want to tap into new potential with extraordinary applications and business models so that they can become a common part of our lives tomorrow.